You know you have collaborators doing business through WhatsApp without being monitored

Pink brings compliance to any WhatsApp conversation. Corporate numbers are connected to our platform and all data is captured, stored and audited in real time.

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More than 15.000 collaborators use Pink to be more productive.

Why is Pink Essential:

You’ll never have to worry about regulations anymore

Pink is integrated with Bloomberg Vault. This means all your messages are rigorously stored and audited in the system.

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Monitor what they say and who speaks

On Pink, your administrators monitor all employees' chats and messages closely in real time.

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Allow your collaborator to chat using the app of their preference

Add as many corporate numbers as you wish to Pink and allow your collaborators to keep on interacting with your business’ networks in safety and compliance.

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Safely centralize all communication

Connect to Jitsi, our open-source video conferencing provider, unifying messages, video conferences and projects in one single place with safety and protection of confidential information.

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In 3 simple steps your compliance will be up to date

We offer a complete solution for your business, including WhatsApp numbers. Full implementation in under 24h.

1 - Create your Workspace

Create your workspace with our team.

2 - Scan the QR Code

From the numbers you’ll need to monitor.

3 - Done!

All conversations will be monitored on Pink.

Different from all communication apps your company has ever seen.

Talk to one of our specialists to remove all communication barriers in your company.

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