You know your collaborators don’t use a single chat to communicate with each other

No matter the tool your company chooses to communicate, WhatsApp and other chat platforms will always steal your business’ data. With Pink you’re able to connect multiple chats, increase productivity and allow collaborators, clients and partners to talk while the company keeps important data and important contacts.

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More than 15.000 collaborators use Pink to be more productive.

Why is Pink Essential:

All chats flow and your company doesn’t lose data and contacts

Pink allows your collaborators, clients and external partners to keep on chatting through the app they already use. The difference is that all this data and contacts are captured and kept safe inside the company.

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Remove your communication barriers  and don’t lose mismanage it

We believe that organization is essential for growth. With Pink App, you can track and analyze in real time conversations that are going on in your company, making fundamental decisions to boost your business.

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Go beyond the internal environment

Pink App does not limit itself to the company’s internal environment. Other than solving your team’s communication, you’re also able to invite third party members to access certain chats and collaborate with your company.

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Safely centralize your communication

Connect to Jitsi, our open-source video conferencing provider, unifying messages, video conferences and projects in one single place with safety and protection of confidential information.

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Different from all communication apps your company has ever seen.

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